Climate-Controlled Storage in Flagstaff

The perfect fit for your precious belongings

What is Climate Control?

Added protection for your property

A climate-controlled self storage unit has a regulated temperature and humidity level. 

This provides a greater degree of protection for the items stored within. 

If your property is prone to mold, mildew, warping, and cracking, our climate-controlled storage units in Flagstaff, AZ, are the right choice for you. 

Better yet, it’s all available with the same great month-to-month rentals, security features, and quality service that the rest of our storage options offer! 

Do I Need Climate Control in Flagstaff?

Here’s a short list of some of the items that benefit most from a climate-controlled storage unit:

  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Instruments
  • Collectibles
  • Documents